Sports Betting India Games

Though PAN India cricket is favourite sports to bet but in other parts of India other sports betting is also popular like in Bengal Indians love Football and Soccer, north Indians love Hockey and Kabbadi, south Indians love Tennis and Horse racing, so Indians like all types of sports betting.

Also Indians love to bet on card games like Taash, Rummy, Chopad and other casino games. There are many online sports betting sites and online casinos that offer sports betting and casino games to Indians all in their own currency that is Indian Rupees. Also these online bookmakers or sports betting sites accept Indian friendly deposits via online banking or domestic wire transfer done at a local bank branch to their Indian bank account and Payouts are made using the same method.

Sports Bets and its importance

Sports Betting plays important role when playing real money games in online bookmakers and casinos. In simple terms bets is the money that you stake or risk to play games. Without bets the entire game play becomes dull and seems worthless to the players who love to gamble. There are different kinds of bets according to the type of games you choose to play at the casino. Like the casino poker game where there is no house edge except for a small amount that the casino takes out of each pot or the game of Blackjack where the house edge is based on the number of decks used and the rules of the game. Then you also have Craps to play at the casino with the don’t come  and don’t pass bet, pai gow bets, slots bets, other sports bets and similarly each game at the casino have bets to stake.

Online Sports Betting India

In this page you will find many types of bets that Indians love to stake or gamble at online casinos or land based casinos.  Like at Betfair online casino where there are more than 150 online games to play and bet and win huge jackpots too.

Betting cricket at Bet365, for example, allows players to deposit and withdraw via ewallets such as Neteller using Indian Rupees. They offer odds for cricket fixtures from around the world, including Indian Premier League, international T20’s, and more. They also offer bets using mobile devices which continues to grow in popularity. These licensed cricket betting sites have earned a trusted worldwide reputation for offering security of funds, fast payouts, and fair odds.

You will come to know what exactly is sports betting , how to stake at the game; what are the house edge; wagering and playthrough requirements when playing a game at the online casino.  Also you will find the types of bets you can play in each game, odds and the rules of the game with simple strategies and tips to know which bet is best, which is worst and how you can increase your chances of winning a bet.

You will come to know the fully licensed international online sports betting sites that accept Indian players.  Also you will get all information about the importance of sports bets and their role in the game play.