How To Play Dream Wheeler Live Game At Indian Live Casinos?

Live Dream Wheeler

Dream Wheeler is new live game now available to play at India online live casinos.  Dream Wheeler allows you to play the Money Wheel game of chance that is played using a large vertical wheel, spun by the game host. Money Wheel game is found in many land-based casinos and used in TV game shows as well.

The wheel is divided into 54 equal segments separated by pins. 52 segments are marked with a number (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) with a unique colour for each number. If the wheel stops at your chosen number after the spin, you win. The other two segments – 2x multiplier and 7x multiplier – act as bonus spins and multiply your next win!

How To Play Dream Wheeler Live Game At Indian Live Casinos?

Jackpot City Casino Indian online casino
Jackpot City Casino

You can play Dream Wheeler live game at Indian live casinos like Jackpot City.

Make a deposit to play the game in real time.

Go to Live casino games lobby and select Dream Wheeler game.

All you need is to simply place a bet on a number you believe the wheel will stop at: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40.

Once you have selected a chip, place your bet by simply clicking/tapping the appropriate betting spot in front of the wheel.

Each time you click/tap the betting spot, the amount of your bet increases by the value of the selected chip or up to the maximum limit for the type of bet you have selected.

Once you have bet the maximum limit, no additional funds will be accepted for that bet, and a message will appear above your bet to notify you that you have bet the maximum.

Dream Wheeler bet starts at $1 or INR 100 and highest stake is $1000 or INR100000. To participate in the game, you must have sufficient funds to cover your bets.

The game host then spins the wheel. When it comes to a stop, the winning segment is indicated by the flapper at the top of the wheel. If the wheel stops with the flapper in between two segments, the winning segment will be the segment that the flapper was passing, considering the wheel direction.

All bets are paid on a to one basis with the odds matching the number in the winning segment: e.g. winning number 5 pays 5 to 1, winning number 10 pays 10 to 1, and so on.

If the wheel stops on a multiplier segment (2x or 7x), then all bets remain in place and no new bets will be allowed. The wheel is spun again and the outcome of the spin (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) will determine the winning odds as usual but the odds will be multiplied twice or seven times over, depending on which multiplier the wheel stopped on in the previous spin. If the wheel stops on a multiplier two or more times in a row, then all bets remain in place, and the multipliers stack: i.e. the multiplied payout from the last spin is multiplied again.

The game host continues to spin the wheel until the spin stops on 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. (For example, the wheel stops on 2x, then on the next spin it stops on 7x, and on the next spin – on number 5.

The outcome for the player who originally placed a bet on number 5, is: (5 to 1) x 2 x 7 = (10 to 1) x 7 = 70 to 1). Consecutive multipliers are unlimited subject to a default maximum win displayed in the limits panel.

What are the payouts for Dream Wheeler?

What are the payouts at Dream Wheeler
Dream Wheeler Payouts

Maximum payout for your all winnings within a game round is limited. The optimal theoretical return-to-player percentage is 95.65%.

Chat feature

You can chat with the game host/presenter and other players. Enter your message in the CHAT field. To post your message, press Enter or the arrow button within the field. Players who misuse Chat by abusing the Game Host or other players, or by using inappropriate and/or offensive language will have their Chat privileges disabled. Use the CHAT button to enlarge or, alternatively, to close the chat window.

You can resize and move the chat window anywhere on your screen.

Navigation Tabs on your game screen

The bet limits panel shows the minimum and maximum allowed bet limits at the table, which may change from time to time. Open the Bet Limits to check your current limits.

The Chip Display allows you to select the value of each chip you wish to bet. Only chips of denominations that can be covered by your current balance will be enabled.

Also you can see your current balance on your screen on the balance tab.

Also do not minimise your browser or open any other tab in your browser while betting time remains, and you have placed bets on the table. Such actions may be interpreted as leaving the game, and your bets will therefore be declined for that particular game round.

You can also click/tap the bet on all button which allows you to place a bet on all bet spots. The value of your selected chip will be placed on all bet spots simultaneously.

The Repeat button allows you to repeat all bets from the previous game round. This button is available only before the first chip is placed.

The Double (2x) button becomes available after you have placed any bet. Each click/tap doubles all your bets up to the maximum limit. Note that you must have a sufficient account balance to double ALL your placed bets.

Dream wheeler live
Dream wheeler live

The undo button removes the last bet you placed.

You can click/tap the undo button repeatedly to remove bets, one by one, in the reverse order of which they were placed. You can clear all your bets by holding the undo button. The total bet indicator displays the total amount of all bets placed in the current round.

If you enjoy non-stop action, you can join more than one game table — then view and play them simultaneously, all in the same browser window! A

After you have joined at least one game table, click on Lobby.

 In the lobby or game, click the +TABLE button associated with that table to join it. Certain tables may be unavailable for multi-game play and will therefore not display a +TABLE button. After you have joined multiple tables, you will be able to resize your browser window as a whole, but you will not be able to resize each game table window separately. You can exit any table without affecting your presence at other tables you have joined. To exit a table, click the X button.

Remember that you will exit a table automatically if you join the same table through a different device/browser.

If you click directly on a table icon instead of the +TABLE button, you will merely switch tables instead of joining the chosen table in addition to the table you joined previously. The casinos advise you to join only as many tables as your screen can accommodate.

At Indian live casinos you can make a first deposit of a minimum Rs 100 and you can play the live casino games in real time. Live casinos will give you awesome bonus offer to you as an Indian player to play live games at the casino. These bonus offers include no deposit, free chips, match deposit bonus and others.

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