The Three Types of Progressive Jackpots You Can Win at Indian Online Casinos

The Three Types of Progressive Jackpots You Can Win at Indian online Casinos

Indian online casinos offer various types of casino games. Among them slots are most widely played followed by card games like Rummy and Teen Patti. Most of these games offer huge prizes to win. Popular prizes and awards come in the form of Jackpots.

The most common are Progressive Jackpots to win on variety of slot machines and table or card games. These Jackpots started rolling at the online casinos as early as 1990s and since then havt made many players millionaires worldwide.

When you enter the casino to play whether online on your mobile, PC or table or visit any land based casino in Mumbai or Goa you can check out the details on the biggest current prizes,  and even claim great welcome packages to play these slots for free.

What are progressive Jackpots you can win at Indian online casinos?

Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel

Progressive Jackpots that you can win at Indian online casinos are Progressive slots or casino games which are a special type of game where a small amount, typically 1%, of every bet made gets put aside, and the more people play the game, the bigger and faster the pot will grow. Since the technology to link many games together first came out, progressive jackpot games have become far more popular, as there can be hundreds, or even thousands of players on the same game, across the world, at any one time.

Previously, the jackpots were limited to a single machine, which meant that prizes couldn’t rise very fast and either paid out relatively small wins, or paid out very infrequently. But all that has now changed, and lots of people have become rich playing progressive jackpots slots at casinos.

But there is one truth about progressive jackpots that they are very elusive. The reason is that the odds of hitting the progressive jackpot are very small. But this doesn’t mean that you do not play progressive jackpots. As long as you know what to expect in playing progressive jackpots and have made your expectations very realistic, there’s no harm in playing the game.

The three types of Progressive jackpots you can win at Indian online casinos

Progressive slot machine

  • Stand Alone Progressive
  • In-House or Proprietary Progressive
  • Wide Area Progressive
The Stand-Alone Progressive Jackpot

The Stand Alone Progressive Jackpot is a slots game machine that is not linked or connected to other slots machines. This is the machine that has a fixed jackpot prize. A certain percentage from the coins played is taken out and added to the jackpot as an award for the highest winning combination of symbols. The Stand Alone Progressive machine has a meter placed on the front showing the progressive jackpot.

Usually, the payback of these slots machines is equal to other slots machines of that type of denomination but the coins played are just distributed in a different to vary the amount of the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpots in Stand Alone Progressive machines are much less than the progressive jackpots from linked slots machines.

The In-House or Proprietary Progressive Jackpot

The In-House or Proprietary Progressive Jackpot machines are composed of a group of machines that are linked together. These machines are owned as well as operated by the casino. The progressive jackpots on these types of slots machines are not the multi-million-dollar kind but the prize is considered as a substantial win. The In-House or Proprietary Progressive machines are most often hit compared to wide area progressive jackpots.

The Wide Area Progressive Jackpot

The Wide Area Progressive Jackpot machines are the types that offer the life-changing progressive jackpot. These machines are connected or linked together from various casinos. An independent operator is responsible for operating them and the casino only gets a share from a percentage of the winnings. The progressive jackpot is so large but the chance of getting it is very small.

One thing to remember is that playing progressive jackpots is totally on your luck and destiny of the time and place. That is the reason that it is not always good to play progressive jackpot. If you consider your aim as to have fun with the casino games then there are so many of slots and other table games to enjoy at the casinos. But if you are only desperate to play progressive jackpot slots machines then wait for the right time.

 Also it is wise to play responsibly and for that keep a specific bankroll or money that you wish to stake to play on these games. Because with no guaranteed win you can lose all. Therefore have the choice to play very carefully. Hitting the progressive slots for jackpot win needs patience and your wise decision to hit the win and play when the slots machines is about to win.

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