How To Play Fan Tan Online In India?

How to play Fan Tan online in India

Fan Tan is an interesting Asian game that can be played online and live. Like any other gambling game you need to place bets and see the outcome of the game that you have played. The rules of Fan Tan online in India are basic and easy to understand.

This game originated in China and is a game of pure chance quite similar to the casino game of roulette.

The game is played by placing two handfuls of small objects on a board and guessing the remaining count when divided by four. After players have cast bets on values of 1 through 4, the dealer or croupier repeatedly removes four objects from the board until only one, two, three or four beans remain, determining the winner.

How to play Fan Tan online in India?

Fan Tan Game
Fan Tan Game

To play Fan Tan online in India you need to join any friendly Indian online casinos that house this game. This game is available at live casinos and is powered by Evolution gaming.

You can play for free or with real money.

The game is operated by two people: the “tán kún” or croupier who stands by the table at position no. 1, and the “ho kún” (clerk or cashier), who stands to the left of the “tán kún”.

A square is marked in the center of an ordinary table, or a square piece of metal is laid on it, the sides being marked 1, 2, 3 and 4 in anti-clockwise order; alternatively, the sides may be marked 0 through 3, with 0 taking the place of 4. The banker puts on the table a double handful of small objects (buttons, beads, coins, dried beans, or similar articles), which he covers with a metal bowl. When all bets are placed, the bowl is removed and the “tán kún” uses a small bamboo stick to remove the objects from the heap, four at a time, until the final batch is reached.

If the final batch contains four objects, those who wagered on position 4 (and specific bets that include position 4) win; if three, the backers of No. 3 win; if two, the backers of No. 2 win and if one the backers of No. 1 win. A variant substitutes dice instead of counting the objects by fours; the remainder after dividing the sum of the dice by four is used to determine the winning positions.

Fan Tan Live bets and payouts

Fan Tan Game Live Bets
Fan Tan Game Live Bets

There are four bets in the traditional Fan Tan game.

  1. “Fan”, in which the wager is on a single position to win.
  2. “Hong”, in which the wager is on three positions, one of which (the primary bet) is selected to win; if either of the other two positions (the two secondary bets) are selected, the bettor does not lose, but it is considered a push and the bettor’s money is returned.
  3. “Kwok”, in which the wager is on two positions (two primary bets); if either is selected, the bettor wins.
  4. “Nim”, in which the wager is again on two positions, one of which is selected to win (one primary bet), and the other (one secondary bet) is selected to push.

On an online platform,, there are two different ways to play Fan Tan Live, either by using the Default view and bets or the Advanced one.

Fan: The main bets 1, 2, 3, and 4. Pays 2.85:1.
Big/Small: Two separate bets placed on either small (1 and 2) or big (2 and 3). Pays 0.95:1 each.
Odd/Even: Two separate bets placed on even (2 and 4) or odd (1 and 3). Pays 0.95:1.

In addition to the Default Game View bets, Advanced view has even more bet types:

Nim: Identical to a Fan bet, but is placed on two numbers. The first number counts as a win, while the second counts as a push. Pays 1.90:1.
Kwok: Similar to a Nim bet, but both numbers count as a win. Pays 0.95:1.
Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong): A bet placed on three numbers. You’ll win if the result is any of those three. Pays 0.316667:1.

Fan Tan Game Types of Bets
There are four bets in the traditional Fan Tan game.

In Fan Tan, players bet on how many beads they believe will end in the last row. That means that; the dealer places a large number of white beads on the table, after which they cover a portion of the beads with a cup and moves the “non-cupped” beads away.

Only the cupped beads are in play, and the dealer will sort these using a special stick, dividing the beads into rows of four beads each.

Depending on the number of beads, the very last row will end up having one, two, three, or four beads. You’ll win if you have placed your bet on the matching number.

The statistics section of Fan Tan Live from Evolution can be expanded to show data on the Default Game View bets. Statistics can be shown for the last 50 – 500 rounds by sliding the slider at the bottom of the stats section.

In the modern game, the “Hong” (row) bet is usually replaced by two alternative three-number bets. The first of these is the “Tan” or “Nga Tan” bet. Two positions are chosen as the primary wager, and one position is chosen as the secondary “push” wager; there are twelve possible combinations of this type of bet, and each position has six corresponding primary and three secondary wagers. For example, the six bets that include position 1 as the primary wager are 1-24, 1-23, 1-32; 1-42, 1-43, and 1-34; and the three bets that include position 1 as the secondary “push” wager are 2-41, 2-31, and 3-41, so any single position will result in a win for 6⁄12 of the “Tan” bets and a push for 3⁄12 of them.

The second three-number bet that can be made is an all-primary wager, known as “Sheh Sam Hong”, sometimes romanized as “Shen Sam Hong where any one of the three numbers will win. There are four combinations of the three numbers: 1-2-3, 2-3-4, 3-4-1, or 4-1-2, so any single position will result in a win for 3⁄4 of the “SSH” bets. The payout for the “Tan” and “SSH” bets is correspondingly lower, based on the increased odds of winning, and the two modern three-number bets also generally require a higher minimum stake because of the lower payout.

Fan Tan Game - What you win
You’ll win if you have placed your bet on the matching number.

Currently, in Macau casinos, the house commission is uniformly set at 5%. For example, assume that bettors have wagered a total of $100 on each position as “Fan” bets, meaning the total of all wagers is $400 for all positions; the true odds of winning this specific wager are 1 in 4. The total payout to the bettors who chose the winning position would be $400 (the total wagered on all positions). Based on the amount wagered on the winning position, $100, the net payout is 3 to 1: $100 wagered, $300 returned in addition to the original wager. However, the house commission of 5% means the winning bettor(s) are paid a total of $285 ($300 less 5%), providing a total commission of $15 to the house for the game.

For many players, the more they get into Fan Tan, the more they want to explore the patterns that emerge and to see how fellow players are betting. All of this is made simple with Evolution Fan Tan.

Live Betting Statistics for the current game round (number of players who have placed bets on the main bet spots and total amount wagered), Recent Game Results, and Detailed Statistics for up to the last 500 game rounds are all there for players, making Fan Tan an even more captivating and engaging gaming experience.

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