Four best Indian online bookies to bet at the traditional game of Kabaddi


Every Indian knows about the village game of Kabaddi. It is an Indian sport played in teams. There are two teams with seven players each and the aim of the game is run into the opposite team’s court as a raider and tag our as many of your defenders as possible and return to your own court without being tackled by your defenders. Points are scored for each player tagged by the raider, while the opposing team earns a point for stopping the raider. Players are taken out of the game if they are tagged or tackled, but are brought back in for each point scored by their team from a tag or tackle.

Kabaddi is one of the state game now played at Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh.

Pro Kabaadi

There are two major disciplines of Kabaddi one is Punjabi kabaddi, also referred to as “circle style,” that comprises traditional forms of the sport that are played on a circular field outdoors, while the “standard style,” played on a rectangular court indoors, is a discipline played in major professional leagues and international competitions such as the Asian Games.

Each year Pro Kabaddi league is help at many sportsbookies where you can bet on your favorite teams in the tournament!

Four best Indian online bookies to bet at the traditional game of Kabaddi

Here are four best Indian online bookies to bet at the game of Kabaddi in real INR

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2. Betway

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Pro Kabaddi League

Pro Kabaddi league

The Pro Kabaddi League, currently known as Vivo Pro Kabaddi League for sponsorship purpose, is a professional-level Kabaddi league in India. It was launched in 2014 and is broadcast on Star Sports.

The leagues inception was influenced by the popularity of the Kabaddi tournament at the 2006 Asian Games. The format of the competition was influenced by Indian Premier League. The Pro Kabaddi League uses a franchise-based model and its first season was held in 2014 with eight teams each of which having paid fees of up to US$250,000 to join.

There were doubts over whether the PKL would be successful, noting that there were many leagues attempting to emulate the IPL’s business model and success, and that unlike cricket, there were relatively fewer well-known players in Kabaddi. However, it was also noted that kabaddi was widely played in grassroots community settings, and could thus attract a wide variety of rural and metropolitan viewers for advertisers to target if the league gained significant traction.

The inaugural season was seen by 435 million viewers, second to the 2014 Indian Premier League’s 552 million, while the first season final between Jaipur Pink Panthers and U-Mumbai was watched by 86.4 million.Star Sports, the PKL’s broadcaster, subsequently announced in 2015 that it would acquire a 74% stake in the league’s parent company Mashal Sports.

For the 2017 season, the PKL added four new teams, and changed its format to split the teams into two divisions known as “zones”.

The PKL’s rules are similar to that of the indoor team version of Kabaddi, but with additional rules to encourage more scoring. Playing two “empty” raids in a row will trigger a “do-or-die raid”, where the raider must score a point or they will be declared out. When a defensive side has three or fewer players remaining, tackles are scored as a “Super Tackle”, which is worth two points instead of one.

Pro Kabaddi Live Betting

Pro Kabaddi

Live betting is a game placed during an ongoing event, such as Pro Kabaddi League. The name of live betting varies depending on which of the sportsbooks mentioned above you sign up at, but usually contains the word “live”. like live games, live bets or just live. With live betting, you can first evaluate what happens before you place your bet. You can read statistics and try to predict results as much as you want, but you can’t look into the future. Sometimes it is simply better to actually see what happens before you decide how to invest your money.

Also you can change your game at kabaddi live betting, and if you succeed in your game you can get a so-called “green book”, where you win on ​​any outcome of the event. For example, if you have backed Bengaluru Bulls to win over Patna Pirates, and Bulls takes the lead with a goal, you can play safely by booking them against lower odds and thus securing the outcome of your game.

The 2019 Pro Kabaddi League was the the seventh edition of the tournament started on July 20th where 12 teams will compete over a period of three months spread over 12 legs. In terms of geographical representation, it is the largest such tournament in India that features a team from every corner of the country.

The following teams will be participating in the 2019 Pro Kabaddi League: Bengal Warriors, Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi, Gujarat Fortune Giants, Haryana Steelers, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Patna Pirates, Puneri Paltan, Tamil Thalaivas, Telugu Titans, U Mumba, and UP Yoddha.

You can bet on the Pro Kabbadi league at the above mentioned Indian friendly online bookies and have fun.