Fantasy Match Up game launched by StarPick – Play with real INR

Fantasy Match Up Game

Few months back Star Pick launched Fantasy Match Up game which is quite easy to play. Star Pick is a gaming company that provides Fantasy sports and now has introduced an innovative and easy to play this head-to-head game on its platform called ‘Fantasy MatchUp’. The platform, which uses white label software from Norwegian B2B provider Scout Gaming has stated that the new real money game format is easy to understand and enables two users’ to play and win against one another instead of competing against thousands of others.

How to play Fantasy Match Up?

The format entails users to predict a minimum of four and maximum of ten pre-set duels (that is predict which one among two players playing in a given match would get higher points). In order to participate in the Fantasy Matchup, a user needs to select a minimum of four duels and up to a maximum of ten duels.

  • Once the user enters the buy-in amount, the payout ladder will be displayed and the payouts are fixed. User can choose a buy-in amount ranging from Rs.5 to Rs.1000.
  • The points accumulated in the duel will be based on the player’s performance in the real game. The player with the higher score at the end of the game wins the duel.
  • In order to win the Fantasy Matchup, all the duels selected by the user should be correct.
  • For example: If the user selects 10 duels in a Matchup, then, in order to win the Matchup, the user needs to win all the 10 duels. Note that even if one of the duels selected is incorrect you lose the game.
  • Once the real game is completed, the winnings will be paid out to the users who has got all the duels correct.
  • If one or both the players in a duel did not play the game, then the duel will be cancelled and the payout will be based on played duels in the Matchup.

Like if the number of duels selected is 4 and even if one of the duels is cancelled due to player not being part of the real Match, then the number of duels in the Matchup will be reduced to 3 and the payout will be based on 3 duels.

Indian fantasy games

Apart from StarPick, this new format will soon also be live on other Indian fantasy sports platforms having a software solution from Scout Gaming, including India Bet backed fantasy gaming portal Scoring11

Also remember that your wins are applicable to taxes. To check Fantasy MatchUp results, Log onto your StarPick account,  Click on the option, My games in the Menu tab, Then, choose Fantasy Matchups where the results of the Matchup will be displayed. A Matchup can be a combination of both Cricket and Football duels. Please note that the duel combination will only be cricket player vs cricket player or football player vs football player. If a Matchup created by a user is a combination of both Football and Cricket duels, then the user must wait until both the Games are completed in order to know the Matchup result.

According to Trigam Mukherjee, CEO of StarPick India at StarPick, it is their constant endeavour to disrupt and redefine fantasy gaming in India as well as keeping the users engaged using superior technology and innovation. Fantasy Matchup is one such radical and innovative game they have introduced on their platform. Globally this concept is very new and it is now available to users in India through StarPick. In fact, they are Scout Gaming Group’s first client to launch Fantasy Matchup.

Scout Gaming Group’s CEO, Andreas Ternstrom  further added that “StarPick is leading the innovation in the Indian Fantasy Sports market and we are of course delighted that they are the first operator to launch the Scout Gaming Group match-up game, based on our in-house-proprietary expected fantasy points. We are also planning to launch new innovative fantasy related games during the coming year.”

StarPick also announced that it has started several other innovative formats of fantasy gaming including flexi five (choosing only five players instead of eleven); cricket heroes (free to play game where user needs to select only three players in a game) and season long fantasy games.

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