Punjab Lotteries – Weekly, Monthly and Bumper Lottery

Punjab State Lotteries

Punjab is northern state of India where lottery is played with great enthusiasm. Punjab means land of five rivers and geographically this state is a border state where you can find the famous Wagah border that separates Pakistan from India. As mostly people here are more attached to farming and agriculture so as pass time and fun people play lottery almost daily and on special Punjab festivals like Baisakhi and Lohri too.

The Directorate of Lotteries in Punjab

Punjab State Lotteries is the official lottery of the Punjab Government. The Directorate of Lotteries under the Finance Department of the State Government provides clean and transparent lottery to the lottery playing citizens. The Punjab State Lotteries are conducted under the provisions of the Lotteries (Regulations) Act, 1998, the Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2010 and the Punjab State Lotteries Rules, 1998.

The Directorate is headed by a Director who is a senior officer of the Indian Administrative Service. The Director is supported by a Deputy Director and other support staff of around 50 officials and is located officially at Chandigarh a Union territory state in the border of Punjab.

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The Directorate of Lotteries, conducts various lottery schemes under the provisions of the above mentioned Act and the Rules. The Draws of the Punjab State Lotteries are conducted in a fully transparent manner in the Draw Hall at Ludhiana (a city in Punjab) in the presence of the public and judges appointed from amongst the officers of the Government and the respectable members of the citizenry.

The Punjab State Lotteries prevent illegal activities like prize chits, satta and matka by providing a clean and transparent  lottery environment to citizens. Also starts online lotteries and conduct the draw of lotteries in the presence of the public in a transparent manner. Ensure distribution/disbursal of the prizes to the prize-winners with promptitude and mobilize financial resources for the Treasury, enabling the Government to undertake developmental  and welfare schemes.

Three lottery schemes by Punjab State Lotteries

There are three lottery schemes by Punjab State Lotteries: Weekly, Monthly and Bumper lottery. Note that these schemes change from time to time.

Weekly Lottery

Weekly Lottery

Weekly lottery means draws will be held weekly. The current scheme under weekly lotteries at the time of writing was to have Two Lakh lottery tickets in all with five series i.e 10 to 14 with numbering from 10000 to 49999 each and the face value of the ticket will be Rs 20 with the first prize being Rs. 500000/- where one number of five digits are drawn. If these numbers falls from un-sold ticket, the machine will be re-operated till the prizes is drawn from sold tickets. Find here full prize list and other details of weekly lottery scheme.

Monthly Lottery

Monthly Lottery

The Monthly Lottery Scheme is that where lottery is drawn monthly and at the time of writing  it had ten lakh lottery tickets (which means number of tickets to be printed under scheme is 10,00,000 -Ten lakh) in without series with numbering from 000000 to 999999 each, (maximum) 3. The face value of the ticket will be Rs.50/-.( Rupees Fifty  only). The first prize winner gets Rs 5100000/- where one number of six digits will be drawn. If these numbers falls from un-sold ticket, the machine will be re-operated till the prizes is drawn from sold tickets. Find here full prize list and other details for monthly lottery.

Bumper Lottery

Bumper Lottery

Bumper lottery means lotteries that are played on festivals like Basant Panchami bumper,  Baisakhi bumper, Rakhi bumper and Maa Lakshmi Diwali bumper and carry a huge prize. At the time of writing this lottery has twenty Lakh lottery tickets printed in all with ‘A’& ‘B’ series numbering from 000000 to 999999 each and the face value of the ticket will be Rs 100/-.( Rupees one hundred only) where  first prize winner receives crore of rupees -10000000 or even higher the prize where two numbers of six digits will be drawn along with series. One from series A and another from series B. If numbers fall from un-sold ticket, the machine will be re-operated till the prize is drawn from sold tickets. Find full prize list and other details for Bumper lottery here.

Where to buy Punjab state lottery ticket?

Buying tickets

If you reside in Punjab or nearby area you will find lottery sellers selling lottery tickets on the side of roads and streets. Also vendors are sitting at bus stations and at market places as well as bazaars. There are so many lottery sellers in Punjab that you won’t find any difficulty in buying a ticket. Almost all the grocery stores have lottery retailers in the interior of Punjab cities.

Also many retailers have their presence online and sell tickets to players via the internet. You can thus buy lottery tickets online too from retailers and private vendors. These private sellers sites offer lottery tickets to buy and you need to pay them with a demand draft. They also charge extra money to send you the ticket home by courier or post.

To make things authentic and more reliable it is always advised to buy lottery from the government agency and government approved lottery retailers. You can thus purchase lottery from government approved  Punjab lottery sites too online.  Here you can buy lottery ticket by paying with Credit card like VISA and Masters or with PayU money. These sites also charge extra for postal dispatch of lottery ticket and other transaction charges that go above Rs 80/- .

Also you can make payment through Cash or NEFT directly to the retailer account.

Some of these sites also offer some discounts on lottery purchase like currently Punjab lottery offers flat 2% discount on latest lottery ticket at the time of writing.

How to play and win Lotteries from other countries

You can play most European and American lotteries online at WinTrillions.com.

Checking the Lottery results

Checking Results
Checking lottery results with the lottery retailer

There are many ways to check lottery results. Many local newspapers print the draw results, also you can know the results online or from the retailers.  At the Punjab state lottery directorate website you can simple enter the ticket number and check your results here.

Check results with Lottery App

Lottery app to check results

In case you own Android smartphone you can even check your results with the app. You can download the Punjab lottery app from Google play and have fun. This app work perfectly in 2G, 3G and 4G network and offers 4.0.3 and up Android compatible phone. There are many other apps on Google play that claim to offer you the draw result but you need to check them before using as how they work and their authenticity.

How to claim the prize in case you are winner

Winner of lottery
  • To claim the lottery winning amount you need to fill a claim form.
  • You need to fill in your personal details like name of winner, residence address, date of birth etc.
  • You need to affix three passport size Photographs with Claim Form out of which two should be duly attested by 1st Class Magistrate/ Notary Public/ Oath Commissioner any Gazetted Officers.
  • Enclose a cancelled cheque of account where the winning amount is to be transferred.
  • In case of Claimant is Minor than an Affidavit from the National Guardian/ Parent should be attached with the Claim Form.
  • In case Prize is not claimed within the prescribed period (30 days from the date of Gazette Notification) then reasons of this on an Affidavit should be attached with the claim Form.
  • You will get the claim form from the Directorate of Punjab state lotteries or from the retailer from where you have bought the lottery ticket or even download online.

Claiming bumper prize wins

  • As the bumper lottery prize offers huge prize that exceeds crores of rupees in case you win less than or up to Rs 10,000/- the department of post shall make the payment on behalf of the State Government within 30 days from the date of publication of the result in the Punjab Government Gazette and seek reimbursement, if any, within a period of ninety days from the date of draw, provided this time can be extended by the Director with the prior approval of the State Government.
  • All the prize winning tickets above Rs.10,000/- should reach the office of the Director, Punjab State Lotteries, SCO No.106-108, Batra Building, Sector 17/D, Chandigarh-160017 on the prescribed form within 30 days from the date of publication of the result in the Punjab State Government gazette either personally or through a nationalized bank or by registered post or by insured parcel. In case the prize winners claim does not reach this Directorate within 30 days, the right of the winner to claim the prize/amount thereafter shall be extinguished.
  • Also note that Income Tax on prizes / incentive(s) to sellers etc., wherever applicable, shall be deducted at source irrespective of the fact whether the prize goes to the winners, distributor(s)/selling agent(s) or seller(s).
  • A ticket, which is forged, torn out, mutilated or tampered with shall not be entertained.
  • Prize winning tickets holders abroad will be paid in Indian currency.
  • The legal jurisdiction of this lottery shall be only at Chandigarh.
  • One ticket/coupon will be eligible to only one incentive viz. The highest incentive/prize drawn against it. In that case the number of prizes will reduce accordingly.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the Secretary to the Government of Punjab, department of Finance shall be final and binding.

Contact the Punjab lottery Directorate

In case you wish to know more the Punjab state lotteries or have any questions or doubts or even need to check for results or claim a prize you can contact at SCO 106-108, Batra Building, Sector 17-D Chandigarh (Pb.) 160017 or call at  +91 172 2702634, 2708860, 2702879