Where To Play High Limits Roulette Online?

Where to play high limit Roulette
Live Dealer High Limit Roulette Online

Roulette is a popular casino game enjoyed by players of all kinds. Since roulette is a game totally dependent on luck, placing big bets has nothing to do with strategy so players have a choice either to place a low bet or play it with higher bets. There are high limits roulette tables available at online casinos where a high roller player can wager over $1000 and enjoy spinning the wheel with tens of thousands of dollars and either have big win or lose all.

For people with the means to do so, budgeting hundreds of thousands of dollars for casino play is not unusual and you have a choice to either play the regular casino roulette table game or play against a live dealer at live casino online on your mobile, tablet or PC.

How to play High Limit Roulette online?

High Limit Roulette at online casinos is different from real casinos. At real casinos you are considered a VIP player and offered great perks like luxurious stay at casino resorts, fine wine and dine and other prizes and rewards. But at online casino playing High Limit Roulette also leads you to become a VIP player in short span of time but here the perks are in the form of comp points, bonuses, exclusive promotions and other cash prizes.

  • So first you need to look for online casino that offers high limit roulette games to play.
  • Once your search ended and you found the online casino, now register yourself at the casino and open your casino account by making a deposit.
  • Grab the bonus on offer which is given to new players and go to games lobby
  • Either go to table games and search the game of Roulette to play and click on the game variant you want to enjoy as there might be many type of games available to enjoy; Or go to live casino and select the live roulette table and enter it by click on the game.
  • Your game will load on your mobile or PC screens and you can place bets to enjoy the game online.

The high limit roulette bets

Where to play High Limit Roulette Online

The most obvious reason a high roller might be drawn to roulette is the potential payouts for some of the game’s wagers. A single-number bet laid on an American- style game will put a 36:1 payout in the gambler’s pocket. Imagine a player who has bet $10,000 on the number 19 – should that number pay off, he’ll be $360,000 richer. Yes, this table game’s outcome is completely random with little or no skill involved in playing. But a number of available wagers paying out big returns means players will be drawn to the game.

Few bets to understand

  • Outside: This is the maximum per individual bet on the outside bets. For example, the maximum could be placed on red, and a further maximum could be placed on even and so on.
  • Inside: Same idea as above. This is the maximum bet per individual bet on a straight number bet.
  • Table Limit: If there is a maximum amount of chips that can be wagered (aside from betting on every area possible) on any one spin, it will be noted here. Most tables offer no limit Roulette betting. £/$/€0 indicates no table limit.

Note that in American Roulette the presence of the extra “00” means that the house will have a much bigger edge when you decide to play this game over European or French Roulette. So always go for the table without the “00” number.

Roulette has the biggest house edge out of the top four  high limit casino games, so the order from lowest to highest house edge is: Blackjack > Baccarat > Craps > Roulette. The last thing you want to give the house more of an edge than it already has.

  • European Roulette – 2.7% house edge.
  • American Roulette – 5.26% house edge.

Secondly, don’t buy into any Roulette betting systems. There is no harm in using them, but just remember that they are never going to be able to consistently win you money.

No limit Roulette is one of the most entertaining Casino games to play. The exciting table action and potential big payouts helps to make online Roulette a favorite at any Casino, especially amongst the high limit players.

Always try your best to keep on top of the amount that is being wagered on each spin of the wheel. Roulette is one of the quickest ways to win and lose money at an online Casino, so it is especially important to have a clear idea of what’s going on when you’re playing at high stakes tables.

Where to play high limit Roulette online?

There are many online casinos that offer high limit roulette tables to enjoy online. Before you begin to play at these online casinos remember that all of them do not accept Indian players and do not allow you to deposit in INR but you can enjoy the game with other currencies that are available at these online casinos.

1. Jackpot City

Jackpot City Casino Indian online casino
You need to make a deposit of Rs 100 to play at this casino

JackpotCity offers players an incredible choice of American, French and European online roulette, as well as multi player and multi wheel games and progressive jackpots! This online casino game is particularly popular as it can be enjoyed in so many forms, meaning there is a style to suit everyone. Online roulette follows a simple game play and players must place their bets on the numbers and colours of the wheel, and then hit spin.

French and European roulette both feature a wheel that has 37 numbered pockets, while American online roulette has a wheel with 38, giving American roulette a higher house edge for players who want to experience the ultimate in an online roulette challenge.

Players can enjoy progressive online roulette games for incredibly lucrative wins, multi player games for a social gaming experience and multi wheel gaming for more than one game at a time!

2. Spin Casino

Spin Casino Indian casino
Enjoy Live Roulette Games with real money deposits

At Spin Casino you can enjoy Roulette with live dealer at live casinos and other variants of Roulette games under table games menu. In their non-live games, the casino use trusted Random Number Generation and cutting-edge graphics and animations to create an incredibly authentic atmosphere that makes playing all the more enjoyable. Enjoy Roulette Royale in addition to French, European and American games, and the incredible Gold Series version of the game. This offers the best virtual experience and is full of Special Features to help you develop and enjoy your game.

However you’re playing, you’ll have a huge range of betting options at your fingertips which will ensure that the games are always an exciting challenge. You can also save up to 8 bet layouts with Roulette games, making it easier to maximise the advantage of your most successful placements without having to remember anything or write anything down. You can stake from $500- $5000 or beyond that’s your choice.

3. Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Indian Casino
Play high Limit Roulette at Royal Vegas online casino

Royal Vegas online casino is another trusted site to play High Limit Roulette. Types of roulette you can enjoy at this online casino are French roulette, European roulette and American roulette. Both French and European versions have the number 0 included in the wheel, while the American version also has a 00 as well as a 0 included. French roulette offers players “call bets”, which are pre-made and allow players to make bets on groups of numbers that are placed together based on their position on the wheel.

Royal Vegas also offers an exciting progressive roulette option called Roulette Royale, which sees players from around the world play for an escalating prize pool. Play to spin, and stand a chance to be the next lucky player to win a major jackpot. Like Spin Palace you can place high stake ranging from $500- $5000 and over.

4. Unibet

Unibet online casino

Unibet online casino offer over 17 Roulette game variants to enjoy. You can play either at live casino or otherwise at regular casino. Types of games available are live roulette grande, French roulette, Live roulette royale, European roulette, Double ball roulette, American roulette, Multiplayer roulette, premier roulette and many others. You can place highest stake on these games up to $ 200000.

5. Genting Casino

Genting Casino

At Genting online casino you can enjoy roulette high stake game with $250000. Play 3wheel roulette, Double bonus spin roulette and other roulette variants. You can enjoy live casino roulette as well.

6. 32Red Casino

32 Red Casino
32 Red Casino

At 32 red you can enjoy great roulette game variations both at their live casino and regular casino. Play premier roulette, high limit European roulette, Multi player roulette and many others. At this online casino you can place high stake bets of $100000 and over in the roulette tables.

7. Betway

Holi Roulette Bonus
Holi Bonus at Betway to play Roulette

With over 10 game roulette variants to enjoy at this online casino you will love to play premier roulette, European roulette, multi player roulette, multi wheel roulette, live roulette with live dealers and many other types of roulette. You can bet as high s $5000 at this casino to play high limit roulette.

8. Royal Panda

Royal Panda India
Royal Panda has aweome collection of Roulette games

At Royal Panda online casino you can enjoy live dealer roulette as well as regular casino roulette. Some of the games you can enjoy are American Roulette, Double ball roulette, European roulette, French Roulette and Immersive roulette and you can place highest bet of $10000 or more.

Besides these high limit online casinos you can also enjoy the game of roulette with slighter lower stakes at Dafabet, Indio casino, Ladbrokes casino, Tropez casino and others.

Always remember to choose a reputed, trusted, licensed online casino to play games. Also not all online casinos accept INR as their currency to enjoy real money games so you need to deposit in either Bitcoins, Euros, Dollars or other currencies to play high limit Roulette.