How to play Buster Blackjack in India?

Buster Blackjack

Buster Blackjack can played in India at online casinos. This game is a variant of Blackjack game that can be played at any Indian casino online with real INR.

Blackjack as the basic game is played with eight decks of 52 cards and with seven players. But at Buster Blackjack thought the basic rules of the game apply but there is a side bet added as an option. This enables one to win when the dealer goes bust and with better odds. Most casino software providers who offer this variant make the paying odds lucrative. As a result, the side bet in Buster can be as high as 2000:1.

Rules of the game

How to play Buster Blackjack

The goal here is to beat the dealer’s hand and you should not exceed 21 points, just like in Blackjack Pontoon. At the same time, you keep cards in your hand at a minimum so that your winning chances increase with the side bet.

As said above the real difference is the presence of an optional side bet called Buster. The amount you will win is decided by the number that the dealer’s hand represents before they go bust.

You as a player can win the Buster side bet as well as Blackjack bet as and when the dealer goes bust. As a player, you could go bust and lose the blackjack bet but you will win the side bet if dealer busts out as well. The dealer will still play even when the player busts out and that is because a side bet of Buster is kept active.

The return to player is about 99.63%; payout is the same as in classic Blackjack which is 3:2. Decks used are six with multi-hand, insurance, surrender and split options valid here. You can split once in each hand and re-split is not an option. Double strategy can be applied when totals are 9 to 11 and it can be done after the split as well. Dealer stands at a soft 17.

How to play Buster Blackjack in India?

How to play Buster Blackjack at Leo Vegas

Join any Indian friendly online casino like Leo Vegas Casino to play Buster Blackjack. Note that not all online casinos offer this Blackjack variant so check it before you join. How to check whether the casino has this game on offer or not is simple. Before joining any online casino simply visit the table games section or live casino section and type Buster Blackjack on the game search bar. If the game is available at the online casino, it will at once show up. If not then it will say no such game found.

If you want to play real money Buster Blackjack then make an initial deposit. If you want to play for free then no need to make any deposit after joining the online casino.

How to play Buster Blackjack online

As a player, when you opt to play Buster Blackjack you need to place a side bet wager before the cards are dealt.

The simple premise here is that the dealer will go bust. Hence, when you and other players opt for this side bet they will win as dealer busts. Their wins can move progressively as per the amount that the dealer’s hand was.  A three-card bust is also possible when minimum cards lead to a bust.

Paytable for Buster Blackjack

Dealer Bust Payout
With 8 and more card values 200 to 1
With  7 card value 50 to 1
With 6 card value 18 to 1
With 5 card value 4 to 1
With 3 or 4 card value 2 to 1


When this paytable is used and a 6 deck card shoe, house advantage stands at 4.7%. It is a fair house edge since the payout is large, 200 to 1 which is usually fewer and might be far placed. Chances of the dealer busting a hand are about 28.5% hence a player stands to win a side bet with a high frequency.

Chances of the dealer busting with 3 or 4 cards are about 26% whereas 2% of the time dealer busts with a hand of five’ 0.5% chances exist of the dealer busting with 6 or more card values.

Buster Blackjack online

This side bet option game first became popular not long ago in California card rooms. Since then it has become a popular variant at several Indian online casinos as well.

When this variant gained popularity it was made available by leading brands in the industry. You can find it in live casino sections powered by brands like NetEnt or Evolution Gaming. The visuals are high quality and live dealer table sessions are produced or broadcasted from professional live studios. As a result, you can enjoy the game in a seamless manner and as a smooth, interactive experience.

Now join any Indian friendly online casino to play Buster Blackjack now with real Indian currency and have a gala time playing and winning this game.