What Is Classic 243 Slots And What Are Slot Paylines?

What is classic 243 slots

Classic 243 video slots game has been developed by Microgaming technology and produced by Rabcat.  You will find that this game has a retro feel and is classic themed but also has modern slot technology imbibed in its game play. Classic 243 is a medium-variance game with free spins readily available, easy rules and a 97% RTP. You will have to take some risks if you want a chance to hit the jackpot here.

The Classic 243 video slots has been designed to have a retro, 1980s feel to it and the game actually feels like one of the video games that were just growing in popularity around that era. There’s plenty of use of neon throughout the slots and while it does have a retro-leaning, at the same time it also has a slightly futuristic feel. Imagine something crossed between Blade Runner and Tron and you will be in the right ball park.

So the universe of Classic 243 is all neon and soft colours, with a very distinctive vibe on and around the reels. Add some efficient sound effects to it and you will be ready to start betting in no time at all.

The game specifications

Classic 243 slots game specifications
Classic 243 slots game symbols

The game is a 5×3 reel slots, which lack discernible reels as such, and has a series of symbols against what appears to be some kind of starry backdrop. You can wager from 0.20 up to 40.00 per spin on the slots and there are no paylines on the game, but instead what the slots offers is the more modern 243-ways to win, hence the fusion of old-style slots, in a modern style game.

You will also be happy to find out that there is a jackpot available to be won of 40,000 coins, which is a considerable amount of money for a slots game especially when you player for the higher coin values available on the slots. With a RTP of 97%, this is also one of the more favourable slots games for players who want a medium to low variance game that still offers a healthy jackpot payout.

How can you play Classic 243 slots?

The game can be played on your desktop, mobile or tablet. The reels contain a number of different lower and high value symbols, these include the usual Playing Card low symbols (from 10 through to Ace) which have been decorated in a neon-style and look rather attractive against the blue-black backdrop. The higher value symbols on the reel include the medium level payout symbols of the Silver Star and a Red Seven, again hinting back to this slots retro theme and the higher value symbols are the White Diamond and the Bell symbol.

Classic 243 slots game features
Classic 243 slots game features

These higher value symbols offer payouts of up to 1,000 coins if you can land five of a kind across the reels and of course, having the 243 ways to win in operation makes this considerably easier to achieve than on standard paylines.

One of the feature symbols that can help you land more wins on the slots is the Wild symbol, which is one of the highest paying symbol in the game as it can see you win 1,000 coins if you land five across the reels, but in addition to that it can also substitute for other symbols to help you create additional winning paylines and multiple winning paylines on a single spin.

This slots also features a rather novel take on the Gamble feature. In most slots, this is a case of predicting the colour or suit of the next card drawn from a virtual pack, but in the Classic 243 slots what you have to do is identify, the right glowing rectangle from the selection shown. If you do, the energy pulse will buzz into life and the payout you have earned will be doubled but of course, pick wrong and any cash you have won will be lost.

Classic 243 slots payouts
Classic 243 slots payouts

If you want to start winning the larger amounts available on the Classic 243 slots then you need to trigger the Free Spins feature. Hit three or more the scatters across the reels on a single spin and you will win a total of 10 free spins. Furthermore, your chances of winning big are increased by the introduction of 2 or 3 stacked Wilds across the reels, which can result in multiple big winning paylines on a single spin.

This slots machine that combines a retro-styled, 1980s  and still retains that look while playing on a more 21st century 243 paylines style of game. These clash of styles slots can be somewhat hit and miss at times, but Classic 243 is certainly one of the better games that you will love to play.

What Are All Pays and All Ways Slots?

The slots games available at online casinos do have by far and away the most paylines on offer are the All Pay slots games, much depending on who designed the slots game you are playing the playing structure may be known as something other than All Pays, so look out for All Ways slots too as they offer an identical playing structure and format.

When you choose to play one of these types of slots you have to wager a set number of coins per spin or an increment of the minimum increment of coins before you can send the reels spinning.

By doing so you will then have every single way of forming a winning combination on the slots game you are playing in live play on each spin.

There can be some All Pays and All Ways slots games that offer a 243 ways to win playing structure, however there are many other slots games on which you could have 720, 1024 or even 3125 ways to win per spin, and as such those are the slotss which are always going to give you more than a fair chance of spinning in a winning combination when you play them online!

All Ways Slots

All Ways slots
All Ways slots

The way to look at an All Ways slot game is as a game on which the reel symbols are similar to scatter symbols, and by this  it means that to be able to spin in a winning combination when playing these slots you only need to get the required number of symbols in view from reel one onwards and then on consecutive reels to award you with a guaranteed winning payout.

This means that if you have for example a Bell symbol on reels one, two and three in any order in any reel position after the five video reels of these slot machines come to a complete stop then you will have won a three of a kind bell payout.

This does of course mean the days of watching the reel spinning and you missing out on a large winning payout due to one of the reel symbols not being on the payline where four other symbols are lined up are long gone, for as long as you can see a set of matching reel symbols from the first payline onwards then you have won that respective winning payout as listed on the games pay table!

There are a few additional things that you need to know about in regards to playing these All Ways games, the first is that you will find there are lots of different ways to win in play depending on which one you choose to play and secondly you do not have to place a wager on every single way to win, instead on set amount of credits will enable you to spin the reels and play every possible winning combination, and when playing some 243 ways to win the number of coins needed can be as low as just 25 coins!

The different number of ways you are likely to find in play on these All Ways games, will, as mentioned be determined by just which game you choose to play but the most common ones offer 243 ways to win, 1024 ways to win and 3125 ways to win! You will find even a few IGT designed online games which can offer you 720 ways to win.

Fixed Payline Online Slots

Fixed payline
Fixed payline slots

Playing the above type of slots games will often see the actual value of the winning payouts that you can spin in being rather low in value, and as such those All Pays and All Ways slots games may not be the types of slots you would prefer playing.

You will find on offer at each of the online casinos range of what are known as fixed payline slots, and those slots will force you to have to put into play every single payline that each of them have on offer.

However, there will be slots offering 9, 15, 20 and 25 fixed pay lines, as well as some slots offering even more fixed pay lines. By playing those slots with a lower number of fixed paylines you will find the actual winning payouts that can be spun in not only via their respective base games but also the free spins bonus game many of them have on offer will be much higher in value than the All Pays and All Ways slots.

What you need to do is ultimately try testing out lots of different slots games offering many different playing structures and formats, and you will find plenty of slots games on offer at online casinos. When you are satisfied on a particular slots game then you can sign up with the online casino by depositing real money for some real action. Also do not forget to grab the welcome bonus offers and other slots free spin offers that the online casinos offer from time to time.